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Agency and Voice: The history and impact of postcolonial studies and a look into its future

Termin Mittwoch, 23. November 2016, 14.00 - 16.00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsart Podiumsdiskussion/Gesprächsrunde
Einrichtung Philosophische Fakultät II
Veranstaltungsort Seminarraum 23, Germanistisches Institut
Straße Ludwig-Wucherer-Straße 2
PLZ/Ort 06108 Halle (Saale)
Ansprechpartner Prof. Dr. Werner Nell
Telefon +49 345-5523590


Roundtable with Prof. Asha Varadharajan, Department of English, Queen’s University, Kingston ON, Canada

It’s not only the impact of the long shadows of historical colonialism which led to the development of postcolonial studies since the 1960ies. Postcolonial studies considers not only the situation of former colonized societies but also the ongoing structures of exploitation and discrimination and disrespect which are still visible and significant in the former colonizers’ worlds as well. In combining critical analysis of histories and cultures with the claim for justice and recognition, especially in view of the “non-speaking” populations in Western media and politics, postcolonialism has thus generated a wide and complex access to social analysis. Moreover, a rich and rewarding field of literary and other cultural production has developed, offering innovation and reflection by exploring the impact of modernity and its related movements, philosophies, and aesthetics such as Surrealism, Marxism and Feminism on contemporary critical and artistic work.

In the present semester Professor Varadharajan is teaching as one of MLU’s guest prof. in Comparative Literature; the roundtable is arranged and offered in cooperation with the Muhlenberg Center for American Studies and the research cluster “Society and Culture in Motion”. Everyone interested in the topic is welcome to attend.


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